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Angel Tribuno headshot

Attendees of a Dr. Tribuno seminar love spending the day with her because she makes the daunting task of navigating insurance coding and documentation so approachable. HJ Ross attendees are drawn in by her motherly-like concern of making sure everyone is set-up for success while still clearly understanding the complex material. Soon enough though, you’ll realize her native New York “take-no-guff” personality is a force to be reckoned with. Her witty sense of often time’s self-deprecating humor, coupled with her deep knowledge of the curriculum provides for a presentation proven to be as informative as it is enjoyable.
The experience she boasts speaks for itself. A 1993 Graduate of Life, Dr. Tribuno served as a Board of Director for the Georgia Council of Chiropractic and the Executive Director for the Larry Webster Foundation. She is a past member of Faculty at Life Chiropractic College where she served as a Lead Instructor in chiropractic technique and a past Director of the Postgraduate Department. In addition to her academic role she ran a highly profitable Georgia practice for over 20 years.
Chiropractic entered Dr. Tribuno’ s life when she was the fourth case in the US to fall victim to Guillian Barre Syndrome with maximum damage to both CNS and PNS. “Chiropractic care changed the course of the residual of Guillian Barre and continues to do so 36 years later, I will always be indebted to the profession.” She passed on her love and belief in chiropractic to her daughter Dr. Rana Watson, a second generation chiropractor.
When she is not traversing the country as a key speaker for HJ Ross Company, Dr. Tribuno spends her free time protecting her beautiful garden from the many indigenous iguanas that habitat the Keys and love to eat her plants. Her approach to the iguanas is similar to that of the insurance companies she battles daily because “it’s give-and-take; I am stuck with them so I’ve learned to adapt and give them what they want in some areas, but I draw a hardline at the fruit trees. They can’t have my fruit trees.”

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